Selasa, 07 Februari 2017

Someone Who Suddenly Became a Hero for Me

My “one day” hero actually is my close friend and my teacher . They accidentally became my hero from a few past experience.

First incident is when I didn’t bring any money to school because I forgot to bring my wallet. I left it at my desk when I checked my phone. Back then, I was so thirsty because I didn’t bring water bottle to school. Suddenly, when Alfa come back from Kopgur (Koperasi Guru) he brought 2 bottles of water. And then, he put it on my desk. I was so confused and asked him why he put it at my desk. And then, he said that it was for me. I was very thankful to Alfa.

Second incident is when I was so hungry back then because I ate breakfast so little. And then, my chairmate, Aliesha bring food from her home, a peanut chocolate bread. She gave it to me and we share it to each other.

Third incident is my junior high school teacher. She is mrs. Lucia Dwi. My junior high school was taruna Bakti JHS. Mrs. Lucia actually a former headmaster of my school backthen. And then she became my homeroom teacher. And she is my favourite homeroom teacher until now. Backthen, I couldn’t go back to home at 2 p.m. because my mother had to go to hospital. And then, Mrs. Lucy asked me that I could go to a restaurant with her and studied mathemathics. She is a mathematics teacher until now. And then, we went to Giggle Box together and studied mathematics while ate and chatting. She is my favourite teacher until now. 

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