Minggu, 15 Januari 2017

Holiday Experience


After the first term, i really have nothing to do. I was hangout with my friends, my family, and my special one. I actually sleep over at my friend’s house, Dhea and at my cousin’s house. There was still extraculicullar rehearsal such as angklung (KPA) and Musik Klasik (MK). We did that rehersal for teacher’s day or Nagabonar.

My actual holiday began at 5th December 2017. I was going to Bogor to visit my family and to refresh my mind. I went to Bogor with my father, mother, and my brother. I went to Bogor at 6 a.m. Fortunatelly, there was no traffic.

First, i went to Jungle Land at Sentul City, Bogor. I ride a lot of rides. It was so hot there. Fortunatelly it was not raining.

After Jungle Land, i stayed at Aston Hotel at Sentul City, Bogor. I really enjoyed stay there. There was a lake there. We can ride a boat if you want to. I shared my room with my brother. We played game, chatting, swimming, and watch movies.

At the night, we visit one of a famous cafe at Bogor. It is Lemongrass Cafe. It is kopitiam cafe, so you can enjoy malayan food there. The place is so comfy and there was band that play at night. But sadly, that night was raining so we couldnt sit at the open-air.

Next morning, i did a breakfast at the hotel  and after lunch i left the hotel and go to cisarua, Bogor. I went to Pesona Alam Hotel before i went to Taman Safari the next day.

About Pesona Alam Hotel, it is a quite good hotel. I really enjoy the fresh air there. There was gym, football field, swimming pool, and the other. The location of Pesona Alam residence is so near to Taman Safari.

The following day we went to Taman safari at 12 a.m. There’s no traffic jam but when we entered Taman Safari, there’s traffic jam. We enjoy see animals there. I finished the tour and play at the theme park at 5 p.m. But, we realized if we go out at 5 p.m. there will be a very long traffic jam. So we decided to join the night safari. We only have to buy a ticket 75k rupiah/ person.

We finished the night tour at 10 p.m. we left taman safari at 11 p.m. direct to Bandung. We went past puncak because there’s no traffic jam. We arrived at Bandung at 2 a.m.

I really enjoyed my vacation very much because i could hangout with my friends adn my family and refresh my mind before prepare the next term.

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