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World Tournament and Technofest


WTTF also known as World Tournament and Technofest is one of activities that organized by OSIS Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri  3 (SMAN 3) Bandung. WTTF is held at Saturday at Lapangan Bali. Lapangan Bali is located at Bali Street number 8. WTTF is followed by all student (10th and 11th grade) at SMAN 3 Bandung. We have to wear a dresscode. The dresscode of X Mipa 1 (my class) is a grey T-Shirt, baseball cap. The technique of WTTF is we have to fight against our opponent. My class opponent is XI MIPA 1.

We have to come to Lapangan Bali first to see the opening of WTTF. After see the opening, we were going to SMAN 3 Bandung and then we play a game called “ular-ularan”. So the technique to play ular ularan is you hev to hold your friend’s left leg until the finish line. So, the winner get the piece of puzzle. And X MIPA 1 is the winner.

Lapangan Bali

The next game is called “Fire Noodle Challenge”.  The technique for this challenge/game is you have to finished all the noodle. To play this game we need 2 person/team. So we choose Audria and Vini to eat them because we know that they can finished it in a short time. But, we lost. But its okay since we have won in another game. In WTTF, if we see a person with a green, blue, or red dress we have to throw them with a water ballons (2 ballons each game (for winner)).

The next game is playing computer game. So, we need 2 person each team. We choose Satriyo, Fadhillah ( we used to call him Justin), and Dhito. There are 3 session to play this game. 1st session the winner is us, the 2nd winner is XI MIPA 1, the 3rd winner is us and the final session the winner is us. So, we win ths game. When they play the game, we all from X MIPA 1 are cheering the up so the class is a little bit too noisy. But, its okay since its makes them cheering up.

The next game we have to go to Taman Musik.  We have to answer a few questions. So we choose ronggur, Justin, and afina to play this game. First we won this game. But, the winer is XI MIPA 1. But, I think its not fair because there is one of them is cheating. But, its okay since we know that we have to win in another game!

After that we have to go to taman foto. At taman foto we have to play twister

The next game is we have to walk to one of park there (I forgot the name), it so exhausted. At that park we have time to rest so I eat with my friends. At this park the game we played is we have to make robot with secondhands things. 

After that we have to go back to lapangan bali to collect all the puzzle that we have. At Lapbal we collect all the puzzle that we have from all classes. And the result is 32019 is the winner! Before that we play waterballoons, so we have to protect our puzzles form the aliens (a person that wear a red, green or blue dress). After that we allowed to go home after the announcement of the winner.

And this is the result!

Name : Priyanka Puteri Ariffia
Class : X MIPA 1
Absent : 18

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