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Hello, my name is Priyanka Puteri Ariffia. You can call me Pinka, its my nickname. Now, i want to tell you my personal life. My life actually not that intersting, although im not a check it out!

Okay, first i am a student at SMAN 3 Bandung. I'm still a first grader at high school.I'm 15 y.o. So lets talk about my little family. My father's name is Indra Arief Alamsyah. My mother's name is Elvi Arini. My father's job is an entrepreneur, although my mom's job is a housewife. I am the oldest child in the house. I have 1 little brother, his name ios Reva Ariffan aryaputera. You can call him Arya or Reva.

So now about my house. My house is at Jl.Gondang No.9. It is a cozy house i think. There are living rooms, dining room, bedrooms, restrooms, mushola, garden, pool, and many others. i have my privacy bedroom. It is rather small but not too small. There is 1 big cupboard, 1 bed, and 2 desks. I dont have study table in my room because its in study room. talk about study room, That room function is for study. This room is for me and my brother to study and sledom for play games because there are computer. There are 2 study tables, 3 cupboards, 1 bed (for rest), 1 computer table, computer and printer.

After my house, lets talk about my hobby. catually, i have a lot of hobbies. There are, play computer(gadgets), swimming, singing, and drawing. Playing gadgets is a common hobby for childrens, teens, even adults. I'm not just playing games or social media in gadget, i usually use it for study too. Next, swimming. Everyone tell me that my height is quite tall, its around 172 cm. everyone ask me how i become so tall. So i told them, "swimming". But, i think its not. I think its about genetic haha. Nextt, singing, i usually singing in school events or family gatherings, Drawing. I usually draw when i was in holiday.

I think that's it. Thank you for reading my blog.
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